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OnLife San Diego Fundraiser

Thank you to everyone who came out to help, the annual fundraiser was a big success. Fun day in the sun with lots of good friends and music.


08 2013

OnLife 2013 Fundraiser in San Diego @ El Dorado

Come one come all it is the OnLife annual fundraiser. We apologize for the lack of updates as we have been busy with many things this year.  We will catch you all up after this Summer’s 2013 fundraiser at El Dorado, San Diego.  Come drop by and say hi to the OnLife street team!



07 2013

OnLife Recognizes Justin Robinson and Miguel Feliciano

OnLife is pleased to distinguish our two youth coordinators, Justin Robinson and Miguel Feliciano.  Both hailing from northern California Justin and Miguel have worked with OnLife on countless occasions speaking with schools, coordinating with our youth volunteers, working at fundraisers, as well as planning future events.  Their contribution has no doubt had an impact on the communities that we serve but the OnLife staff and organization as a whole.  We respect their hard tireless work, and have presented them with our OnLife Certificates of Appreciation for their outstanding and steadfast work.  Thank you guys for all your hard work.



10 2012

OnLife Visits UCLA

The OnLife team visited the beautiful campus of UCLA to talk to students and inform them about suicide prevention and resources.  We were at UCLA from the morning till late afternoon close by to the Bruin Bear near the bookstore on campus.  We had a great time and the students came by to share their stories and learn more about what we do and how they can help.  Thanks to everyone involved.


01 2011

OnLife Welcomes Matt Pick to the Staff!

We are excited to present our newest staff member Matt Pick! Matt is the promotional development and merchandise design head which is the core to our new Defend Life youth outreach campaign. Matt comes from a rich academic background as well as a personal connection to what OnLife is, and looks forward to begin work with us. Welcome aboard, Matt!


09 2010